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This is a campaign by Movendi International.

Movendi International is the largest independent global social movement for development through alcohol prevention. 

The Be Loud For Change campaign is an initiative to increase awareness and drive policy change regarding the link between alcohol and cancer.


Be Loud For Change is funded by the Swedish Institute and was developed by Movendi International together with our member organizations in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland.

2018 review of 32 studies examining ordinary people’s awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer in 16 countries showed that awareness appears to be low internationally.


"In general, people are more likely to endorse alcohol as a risk factor when presented with a list of possible risk factors than when asked to list risk factors in an open-ended format." 

Jennifer K. Scheideler and William M.P. Klein, in: “Awareness of the Link between Alcohol Consumption and Cancer across the World: A Review” (2018)


Attempts to increase awareness have been limited and constitute a significant public health need. 

Our campaign Be Loud For Change is going to change it

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