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Big Alcohol Doesn't Want You To Know

Alcohol companies hide the fact that their products cause cancer


Big Alcohol Hides Facts that Alcohol Causes Cancer

The latest issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, one of the top journals in the international substance use field runs a series of groundbreaking research into alcohol labelling effects. Big Alcohol influence and legal threats to shut down some of the studies and distorting and denying of data show that Big Alcohol hides the fact that “alcohol causes cancer” from the public


Big Alcohol Keeps People in the Dark

Alcohol’s cancer risk is well known and documented across the world. Nevertheless, the public remains largely unaware of this risk. Evidence shows that Big Alcohol is doing everything they can from muddying the science to propagating myths to keep people in the dark.


EU: Big Alcohol Lobbies Against Alcohol Health Warnings

The European Union (EU) is considering which health warning labels to put on alcohol products, following direction from the EU Beating Cancer Plan. The alcohol industry has launched an aggressive fight against labelling, using tactics of muddying the science and using their own corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives against this proven effective public health measure.

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